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Mean 78 Fairmont
It started out in life as a plain jane 3.3L 6 cylinder, automatic transmission.
 I bought my 78 for $700.00 dollars, about 14 or 15 years ago. I'm the third owner of the car. Bought it off my wife's father, he was selling for someone else. It was a nice car then and is now.
But I wanted a HOT ROD, so I made it a HOD ROD. I bought a 1978 351W engine, so I took it apart, and sent block and heads to machine shop for some work. Some things that I added, power windows. Power trunk release. Four head light system from late model Fairmont. 4 speed SROD transmission from Mustang. When I ran car on 1/4 mile, car did mid 12's. Stop running on track because of problems with Trans, and rear. The SROD does not hold up very well, on 3rd trans. Ripped rear mounting bracket for upper rear control arm, right off the car. Those brackets are spot welded to body. But that will not happen again. I welded both brackets back to body with mig welder. I do still run it on the street. Love watching people look.Some engine swap parts are in Engine and Power Train .

Engine and Power Train

Engine is a 1978 351W from 78 T-Bird.
Stock 351W specs. Hp 149 at 3200 rpm, torque 291 at 1600 rpm, bore 4.000, stroke 3.500, compression ratio 8.3 to 1. 2 bbl carb, valve sizes, intake 1.834 exhaust 1.535. Valve lift, intake .424, exhaust .448
 My 351W specs.
 Engine was bored .30 over, which makes it a 357 cid. Hp and torque unknown, bore 4.030, stroke 3.500, Holley 4 bbl carb. Pistons are TRW forged flat tops. Compression ratio is about 9.30 to 1. Cam if I remember right has lift of .458/.483. Rhoads Lifters, chromemoly push rods, Crane Roller rockers. Chromemoly connecting rod bolts. Heads: Headwork was mild. Mild port job and oversize valves. Valve sizes, intake 2.02, exhaust 1.60.Oil pan kit M-6675-A58 from Ford Motorsport. Valve covers M-6582-A301 from Ford Motorsport. Edelbrock Performer duel plane intake manifold. Hooker Super Comp Headers with 1 5/8 primary tubes. Stock 302 engine mounts. I think that covers engine.
 Now for drive train. Trans is 4 speed SROD from 83 Ford Mustang. Pedals are from same car. 5 lug axles and rotors from Ford Ranger, axles are both left side. Here are part numbers for 5 lug change, Rotors, Raybestos # 6865, Wagner # BD60663. Bearings BCA inner set A13, outer set A12. Rear brake drums, Raybestos 9 in. 2604, 10 in. 2603, Wagner 9 in. BD60787, 10 in. BD60720. Rear axle part # is 1338 for 7.5 ring gear. Part # is a Hollander #. When you do this change over. You may have to modify pads and/or rotors. Because center hub is larger, and pads may rub against hub.

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